Elementary 2.08

“Blood Is Thicker” A jumper weaves a complex tale of whodunnit starting with the location of where the jumper jumped seeming how they jumped on a UPS truck that drove away from the location.  The jumper ends up being the illegitimate daughter of a Steve Jobs who was going to help him out by giving him her blood but she in turn was poisoned then stabbed before she jumped.  Thats rough.  Is it the Boyfriend?  Is it the Wife? Is it the Lawyer?  Is this a remake of Clue? Mycroft bids adieu and tells Sherlock to leave NY but Sherlock says… tell dad i’m staying, which leads to a mysterious telephone call. Go C-Plot!!  And in the end no one cares about the jumper, its all about someone else.  Elementary is tvthatiwatch because J likes it.


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