Once Upon a Time 3.10

“The New Neverland”  Everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow: The adventurous crew is back in Storybrooke.  Couples are reunited.  Everyone is defeated.  And where  do we go from here.  Well HenryPan goes home with Regina instead of Emma which sets her spider senses tingling and then without casting a spell, he removes Shadow from the sail and has it KILL the Blue Fairy???  So then everyone makes Rumple take Pandora’s box out to the county line so they can kill Pan – with a gun – because magic doesn’t exist out there but yet Rumple’s spell still works over there enough to drop his body on the other side and any sane person would just run the 3 feet to get back into town to cast spells but anyways, PanHenry convinces Emma he’s her son and everyone hugs. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming hunt Medusa on their honeymoon to use her head to kill Regina but then he looks at her and turns to stone so Snow kills Medusa. Meanwhile HenryPan convinces Regina to take him to her magic lair where he knocks her out and takes The Curse to cast it over Storybook so he can rule supreme.  Once Upon A Time is tvthatiwatch.


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