Once Upon A Time 3.01

“The Heart Of The Truest Believer” Thank you Greg and Tamara for pushing last season along.   Now we are just going to go in a different direction. Come back next time.  Oh wait you are dead.  And welcome to Neverland everyone else, except Neil/Balfor, Mulan, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, we are going to need you to eat up our b-story with lame exposition.  Meanwhile Hook, Emma, Charming, Regina & Snow and going to fight and bicker and we will actually make that a plot point.  And Rumple is going to go rogue.  While Henry just runs around.  But I still enjoyed it.


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1 Response to Once Upon A Time 3.01

  1. JDF says:

    I truly enjoyed the scene in the ship with the water and the slow mo that looked like a bad music video. PS. Pan is one tricky mo fo

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