Goodbye for now…

Well, I created tvthatiwatch on a dare from a friend of mine that suggested that I should put all my tv watching use to good use and blog about it. I figured I would give it a year and see what became of it.  After 19 months and 1463 posts, which amounts to 1463 tv shows that I watched(there were more I just didn’t write about them), I came to the realization this was more work than reward. I was enjoying watching tv less because I was too interested in recapping the shows. What I also realized it there were other people out there that were doing the same thing but with a lot more punctuality and verbosity. Bravo to them and their sites. That said, for now I’m cutting myself off from writing about the tv that i watch just to enjoy the tv that i watch. I might pick it up at a later date but for now I’ll let the url live out its remaining 5 months and then set it adrift into the wild. I’ll keep the wordpress site around just in case it becomes something of an internet sensation (ha) but for now this is the last and latest entry. Thanks to all 57 followers who did end up reading the blog. Maybe we will meet again.  For now, I watch TV and this is the TV that I watch.  Thanks.

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Two & A Half Men 12.14

“Don’t Give A Monkey A Gun” 2/12/15

Walden and Alan get a divorce. As a parting gift Walden tells Alan he can have anything so he gets a Ferrari which pisses Lindsey off. So he trades it in for an engagement ring for her and proposes.

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Two & A Half Men 12.13

“Boompa Loved His Hookers” 2/5/15

Walden breaks up with Mrs. McMArtin and she realizes she didn’t want to finish filing out the paperwork for the adoption out the though of losing Walden so she grants him official custody of Louis. Walden realizes that he is going to be alone forever and wants Alan to be his friend.

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Two & A Half Men 12.12

“A Beer-Battered Rip-Off” 1/29/15 Lindsey plans to move away so Alan sleeps with her. Then he dumps Mrs. McMartin who goes crazy then Walden sleeps with her but she is crazy.

Two & A Half Men is tvthatiwatch.

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Two & A Half Men 12.11

“For Whom The Booty Calls” 1/22/15

Alan is still sleeping with Ms. McMartin.

Walden goes to an foster dad’s group and Alan is jealous.

Two & A Half Men is tvthatiwatch.

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2 Broke Girls 4.09

“And The Past And The Furious” 1/19/15

Caroline’s dad bought her a lambroghini 4 years ago and it arrives. Before it gets repossessed Max ruffies Caroline and takes the car to the Hamptons. But it gets stuck in the sand.

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Togetherness 1.01

“Family Day” 1/11/15

Alex the actor gets kicked out of his apartment

Tina is dating a guy for a week and he breaks up with her. She is devistated.

On Brett and Michelle’s date night they bring Tina and Alex and Tina sees the guy and has it out with him on the street. Alex interrupts and grabs her and they TP the ex’s house.

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